Custom Laundry Bag with 10" Character

Special limited quantity canvas Laundry Bags.

Actual size of bag is 23" wide X 35" high. Actual Character transfer is approx. 8" wide X 10" high

Customize your own Laundry Bag! Pick a character and then enter the saying that you would like to appear on the bag in the box above, up to 40 characters or choose one of our suggested taglines. If you like, you may specify one line break in your custom saying with a forward slash (/).
Any custom item in your order could delay that order 6-9 business days. Custom items may not be returned or exchanged. Please note Blackjack Inc. reserves the right to refuse any order.
The text will appear on the bag exactly as you type it, so double check your spelling and punctuation. If you would like accented or non-english characters, please email your sayings to [email protected] after placing your order to confirm that the characters were transmitted properly.

Price: $19.95
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